June 2022 - The Civilians Finding Series
I have the pleasure of being a part of two workshops in this years Finding Series: Denmo Ibrahim’s Kal & Dija Save the World, “an investigation ofthird culture kids, freeze tag, adding MENA to the U.S. Census, acrylic vs gel nails, and space travel”, directed by Evren Odcikin, and Eric Marlin’s The True Chronicles of Ben–Zion Palachi, "a swashbuckling play with music set against a rapidly shifting world haunted by the ghosts of the past (that)resurrects the historical phenomena of Jewish pirates to explore the stories we never hear", directed by Lila Rachel Becker.
More details here!

May 2022 - FTP Cabaret w/ Theater in Asylum

This May, I will be performing in a new short piece “The Democratic National Committee Presents - FTP 2023” by playwright Beth Hyland & directed by Lila Rachel Becker as a part of Theater in Asylum’s FTP Cabaret.

Join us for a night of theater, dance, music, and poetry inspired by the legacy of the Federal Theatre Project, the New Deal era program that put thousands of theater artists back to work from 1935-1939.

Friday, May 13, 2022 @ 8pm
Saturday, May 14, 2022 @ 8pm
Jalopy Theatre
315 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY (Red Hook)

Learn more and get your tickets here! ($0-$30)

Apr 2022 - Smail @ NYU’s Festival of Voices

By Tariq Hamami
Directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian

On April 23rd at 1pm, the Festival of Voices will present a staged reading of SMAIL, by Tariq Hamami, directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian. I will be reading the role of Saida, joining both students and professional actors.

SMAIL, based on a true story from Hamami’s family, is set in Algiers in 1990, 1994 and 2014. Ismail Said, aa 36-year-old male who goes by the shortened name Smail is suspected of being part of the Islamic Salvation Front, a radical Islamist group that opposes the central government, and has been detained and is interrogated by an Algerian government agent named Rifat…

Mar - Apr, 2022 - HEARTLAND at 59E59

Image of a tree growing out of an open book, with roots growing down out of the bottom. Against a blue background that becomes deeper in color as it moves outwards from the center

This Spring, I am thrilled to be reprising the role of Geetee, which I originated in the world premier of Heartland at Geva Theatre Center 4 years ago.

Dr. Harold Banks is a retired professor of Comparative Literature and Afghan Studies, waiting for his adopted daughter to return from teaching in Afghanistan, her native country. When Nazrullah, an Afghan refugee, suddenly arrives on his Nebraska doorstep armed only with his daughter’s copies of The Diary of Anne Frank and The Old Man and the Sea — the two men become unlikely roommates. Set in both Maidan Shar, Afghanistan, and Omaha, Nebraska, HEARTLAND is the story of a father, his determined daughter, and a journey towards mercy.

The show runs through April 10th - get your tickets here!

Jan - Feb, 2022 - CONSTELLATIONS at Geva Theatre Center

After 2 years of limited theater, I am incredibly excited to be returning to the stage as Marianne in Geva’s production of Constellations, starring alongside my partner, Gus Cuddy.

When two people meet for the first time, an infinite number of possibilities for their future lay before them. What if they all happened? Science and romance collide in this clever exploration of love and free will in the multiverse.

The show runs through the end of February - get your tickets here!

May, 2021 - There Will Come a Time for Vengeance @ Jewish Plays Project

This May, you can catch me in an excerpt of Eric Marlin’s new play with the Jewish Plays Project. Watch the video, and don’t forget to vote for us!
Within the horrifying chambers of the Christian imagination, four Jews chart the psychological and sexual violence of internalized anti-Semitism. A revenge adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice and Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta.


Oct 22, 2020, 7pm - ARABIC FOR BEGINNERS Reading

I am excited to join a cast and company of incredibly talented MENASA actors to share Gamal ElSawah’s hilarious and touching new “sketch comedy protest play”, Arabic for Beginners. The whole company plays a rotating cast of characters, and it is sure to be a blast!


Aug 20, 2020 7:30p - PARADISE LOST @ HVSF2 Reading Series

I am thrilled to be joining for this Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival reading, directed by Sara Holdren.

The 17th century and present-day are seamlessly intertwined as Satan vents about her frustration at being cast out of heaven and her thoughts on oppression. When she finds out that God has created delicate new creatures called “humans,” she crafts a plan for revenge and betrayal on the Almighty.

Register for the online reading here!

Heartland zoom reading.png

May 2020 - Heartland reading with Langham Court Theatre

In the temporary world of virtual theater, I was fortunate enough to participate in a wonderful reading of one of my favorite plays, Heartland, by Gabriel Jason Dean, with Langham Court Theatre in Victoria, British Columbia. I reprised the role of Geetee, the part I originated in the world premiere of Heartland at Geva Theatre Center.


Feb-Mar, 2020 - World Premiere of LOVE @ Marin Theatre Company


I am returning to my hometown in the Bay Area to play the roles of Whitney and Rebecca in the world premiere of Kate Cortesi’s LOVE.

When Penelope is approached about joining a group of women making harassment allegations against her former boss, she finds herself at an uncomfortable crossroads—the man accused was a former lover and remains a dear friend. As the women’s stories unfold, Penelope questions what happened to her, what she enabled, and her very identity. Love examines what accountability looks like when an abuser of power is one of our favorite men, and poses a radical question: Can we place love at the center of these reckonings?

The show runs Mar 5-29 at Marin Theatre Company. Get tickets here!


Jul-Aug, 2019 - Ancient Greek Corn @ HERE Arts SummerSublet Series

In this kitsch midwestern corn culture meets ancient Greek mythology classic coming of age tale, I play Selene, a descendant of the Bacchae. Come check it out! Lots of corn!

Aubrianna is a fifth-grade girl stuck on her family’s farm in rural Iowa.
Her father is a fire-and-brimstone Baptist.
Her mother is a descendent of the Ancient Greek Bacchae.
Her aunt is the Oracle of Kitsch.
Her sister is super adopted.
It’s time everyone got together and sorted this thing out.
But Aubrianna’s plans look an awful lot like Medea’s.
The corn shakes…
The corn shimmies…
The corn shucks itself.

The show runs Aug 15-18 on HERE Arts Mainstage. Get tickets here!


Jun-Aug, 2019 - A Play Titled After the Collective Noun for Female-Identifying 20-Somethings Living in NYC in the 2010s @ Corkscrew Theater Festival

This summer I am thrilled to be collaborating with wonderful artists on this brilliant world premiere play by Haleh Roshan. I’ll be playing the role of Shirin. Shirin is working on a book about post-Occupy Wall Street grassroots movements and trying not to succumb to anxiety attacks. CJ is a public defender navigating NYC’s fucked up judicial system, while trying to make time for a meaningful personal life. Elizabeth needs to finish college and figure out what to do next. Oh, also, there’s a mysterious bug infestation in the kitchen. Hashtag millennials, amirite? Putting an urgent spin on stories about “girls” in any medium, Collective Noun is a love letter to an unsung history of collective action and a battle cry for radically re-envisioning what it means to fight for change.

The show runs July 18-Aug 3rd at Paradise Factory. Purchase tickets here!


Apr, 2019 - Workshop of House of Joy with Cal Shakes

For a week this April, I had the pleasure of working with these beautiful and diverse artists on Madhuri Shekar’s stunning play, House of Joy, in a development workshop for Cal Shakes, directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian. I played the role of Roshni, one of the bodyguards of the Imperial Harem.

Set some time like the 17th century, in some place like Delhi, India, House of Joy tells the story of Hamida, an elite female bodyguard in the Emperor’s Imperial Harem. Faced with an impossible ethical quandary, Hamida tries to help an abused Queen escape the heavily guarded harem, thus risking her life and going against everything she was raised to believe. A swashbuckling action-adventure romance inspired by the legends of Indian history.


Mar, 2019 - The Little Black Fish @ Tirgan’s Nowruz Festival in Toronto

I am reuniting with Maaa Theatre and The Little Black Fish family for a weekend run of the children’s show at Tirgan’s popular Nowruz Festival in Toronto. One of the most celebrated contemporary children’s stories in Iran, Samad Behrangi’s The Little Black Fish is about a fish that lives in a small stream and wants to live a life with aspirations and purpose. He embarks on an eye-opening journey with the spirit of a dreamer experiencing an awakening, but in the process he does more than that. The path leads him to wisdom, courage, awareness and study of complex social relations. I will be reprising the roles of Mother Fish, Mother Frog, Lizard, Snail and Old Fish!

1 And-Then-There-Were-None-SALE.jpg

Aug-Oct, 2018 - Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None @ Triad Stage

I am thrilled to be returning to Greensboro, North Carolina to play the role of Vera Claythorne in this classic murder mystery at one of her favorite theaters.

Solve the mystery before time runs out. Ten strangers trapped on a dangerous island each have a secret.  One by one, they begin to die.  Match your wits against the master of suspense to catch the killer before there are none.


Aug 9-12, 2018 - Zabel in Exile Workshop @ Merrimack Repertory Theatre

I am very excited to be a part of this workshop and reading of a brand new play about the extraordinary life of Armenian writer, political activist, and feminist Zabel Yessayan. She harnessed the power of the pen to fight for equality and peace and often found herself at odds with the authorities in the tumultuous world of early 20th-century Europe.

The play takes place during Yessayan’s interrogation by the Soviets for espionage. As she fights to survive, Yessayan must come to terms with the whole of her life and the impact of her writings and actions.
The play is partly based on Yessayan’s book In the Ruins, which is her eyewitness testimony of the 1909 massacres of Armenians in Adana, Turkey, and her memoir, The Gardens of Silihdar.


July, 2018 - Kate Hamill’s Pride and Prejudice @ Hangar Theatre Company

This July, I head upstate to the Hangar Theatre in Ithaca, NY to play the role of Lizzy Bennet in Kate Hamill’s Pride and Prejudice.

Kate Hamill’s fresh new take on the Jane Austen classic brings great verve to the story of the Bennet sisters. Like most women of the regency period, the Bennet girls know that to win the game of life, they must land the right husband.  A variety of mishaps and miscommunications, however, derail budding romances as the sisters learn the complicated rules of mating rituals. Follow Liz, Jane, Bingley and Darcy as they traverse the trials of societal expectations in this witty adaptation by Ithaca native and IC alum Kate Hamill, fresh from its extended New York run.


May 4-5, 2018 - Hostage @ Florida Repertory Theatre

I head to Fort Myers, Florida to be part of Florida Rep’s 5th annual PlayLab, a Festival of New Plays and Emerging Writers. I will be performing the role of Tehran Mary in a reading of Michelle Kholos Brooks’ play, Hostage
Based on true events, Hostage is an electrifying portrait of the ferocity of a mother’s love. Patriotism is put to the ultimate test in a battle between politics and personal.


May-Jun, 2018 - Strait of Gibraltar @ American Stage

This May, I head down to St. Petersburg, Florida for the second ever production of Strait of Gibraltar by Andrea Lepcio, directed by Jim Sorensen. I will play several roles in this production, including Amina and the Female Agent. 
In this sexy romance turned terrorism thriller, Miriam, a Jewish woman, and Zameer, a Muslim man from Morocco, meet at a party and fall in love at first sight. When Zameer tells Miriam he’s undocumented, she offers to help; but, is everything as it seems? A smart, riveting play that looks at love, truth, prejudice, and civil rights in the age of the Patriot Act.


Apr 6-8, 2018 - The Little Black Fish @ Triskelion Arts

Back in Brooklyn, I am performing in the remount of The Little Black Fish with Maaa Theatre. One of the most celebrated contemporary children’s stories in Iran, Samad Behrangi’s The Little Black Fish is about a fish that lives in a small stream and wants to live a life with aspirations and purpose. He embarks on an eye-opening journey with the spirit of a dreamer experiencing an awakening, but in the process he does more than that. The path leads him to wisdom, courage, awareness and study of complex social relations. I will be reprising the roles of Mother Fish, Mother Frog, Lizard, Snail and Old Fish! April 6-8 @ 6p, April 7-8 @ 4p.


Feb-Apr, 2018 - Heartland (World Premiere) @ Geva Theatre Center

This February I will head upstate to Rochester for the world premiere production of Heartland, written by Gabriel Jason Dean and directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh. I will be originating the role of Getee.

Dr. Harold Banks is a retired professor of Comparative Literature and Afghan Studies, waiting for his adopted daughter to return from teaching in Afghanistan, her native country. When Nazrullah, an Afghan refugee, suddenly arrives at his Nebraska doorstep armed only with his daughter’s copies of The Diary of Anne Frank and The Old Man and the Sea – the two men become unlikely roommates. Set in both Maiden Shar and Omaha, Heartland is the story of a father, his determined daughter, and a surprising friendship. Featuring Artistic Director Mark Cuddy in his return to the Geva stage.


Oct, 2017 - White Rabbit Red Rabbit @ Urbanite Theatre

This fall I head down to Sarasota, Florida to perform in two excited projects at Urbanite Theatre. The first is a one night only performance of the solo show, White Rabbit Red Rabbit. This play is sealed in an envelope, which I will open ONSTAGE and read for the very first time in front of alive audience. I don’t know anything more. I am not allowed to google it. I am a little bit terrified.


Oct-Dec, 2017 - Echoes @ Urbanite Theatre

Following my one night performance in WRRR, I am thrilled to be playing Samira in the regional premiere of Henry Naylor’s play, Echoes, at Urbanite Theatre. The production will be directed by Urbanite’s Artistic Director, Brendan Ragan.

Tillie and Samira were born 175 years apart, but their parallel stories eerily mirror one another. Tillie is a Victorian pioneer woman sent to Afghanistan to fulfill wifely duties for an officer of the British Raj, while Samira is a Muslim schoolgirl who runs away to Syria to become the jihadi bride of an ISIS fighter. Both are confronted with tragedy in war-torn lands as they face the oppressive realities of their male-dominated landscapes.

Mari with her on set sister and mother in  Zero Sum .
Mari with her on set sister & mother in Zero Sum.

Aug, 2017 - Zero Sum

This August, I will be playing the role of Stefy in an upcoming short film directed and produced by Amy Muñiz. The short will later become part of a full length feature called Zero Sum. that centers around a Latino family living in New Jersey.

Jul, 2017 - MORE

I will be playing the role of Adrianne in an upcoming short, More. A calm night in for two best friends turns into a whirlwind exchange of thoughts, ideas, and feelings when drugs and alcohol are thrown into the mix

Jun, 2017 - A New World

I will be playing a scientist in a futuristic utopian Sci-fi short produced by SeaPearl Productions. Shooting will take place in upstate New York this June.

Mar, 2017 - Royal Blood

I directed an original middle school musical in partnership with Waterwell Drama Program and Manhattan Youth at I.S. 276. Royal Blood was written by Kevin Townley with music & lyrics by Josh Franklin, and featured a cast of 16 middle school students in roles ranging from King Louis XV, to Rousseau and Voltaire, to vampires! For more information about the piece and for some exciting video footage, check out the Tribeca Trib article here!

Jan, 2017 - Dirk Champagne

I was featured as the voice of Gina, the bartender, in this new original animated webseries, Dirk Champagne, created by Ken Grinde. Check out the whole first season here!

Nov 1-13, 2016 - The Little Black Fish; Maaa Art

The Little Black Fish is back! After completing our week long residency as part of the New Victory Theater’s LabWorks program, we are going back into rehearsals for this original adaptation and translation of the classic Iranian children’s story. This production is a part of Maaa Art, a theater and production company working in New York City and Tehran. Performances are set for the first two weeks of November at Downtown Arts. For more information, check out Maaa’s website here!

Oct 4, 2016 - ESPA’S DETENTION #36

As a current student at ESPA, Mari is acting in this season’s Detention series on Oct 4 at 7 & 9p at Jimmy’s No. 43! The theme of Detention #36 is Urban Legendary. Playwrights were instructed to pick their favorite Halloween folklore, urban legend, or fairy tale and modernize it in a 10-minute play for no more than 4 characters. All of the original pieces are written, directed and acted by current ESPA students! The piece I is performing in is titled O Positive and is written by Cherry Lou Sy.

Sep, 2016 - Mar, 2017 - Devised Musical at IS276

This fall I am teaching an acting class to a group of middle school students at IS276 in preparation to direct the group in an original musical. I will be collaborating with a music director and a playwright as they work to devise the piece with the students! This is a joint project between Waterwell and Manhattan Youth.

Aug-Sept, 2016 - The Enchanted Realm of Rene Magritte with Exquisite Corpse Company

Come out to House 17 on Governor’s Island any weekend in August and September to catch me as Hilda, a ridiculous real estate agent in Exquisite Corpse Company’s newest production! The Enchanted Realm of Rene Magritte is a one of a kind immersive theater experience, and I am so excited to have jumped into this process as a guest artist for its 8 weekend run.

Jul, 2016 - Casting Call, Revisited - Video Release

Inspired by W Magazine’s Casting Call series, which explored casting celebrities in non-traditional gender roles from well known movies, Casting Call, Revisited expands this definition of non-traditional casting to include race and ethnicity. In this series created by Janice Theard and Phoebe Gonzalez, actors of varying ethnic and racial backgrounds perform monologues from well-known plays and movies that are traditionally cast with white actors. Watch my performance of Harper from Angels in America released on Friday, July 29th. And check out the TimeOut article on the project here!

Aug 4, 2016 - Antigones Project at Atlantic Stage 2

Also written by Eric Marlin, the Antigones Project was directed by Emma Weinstein and was presented as part of the PTP/NYC After Dark Series on August 4th at 10p. This is a wonderful new play and the reading was a huge success. Be sure to check out Eric Marlin’s other work!

Jul 29, 2016 - Pastoral Play at Atlantic Stage 2

The Healthy Oysters Collective presented a work-in-process showing of Eric Marlin’s Pastoral Play as a part of PTP/NYC’s After Dark Series. This pastiche comedy explores the gender and sexual dynamics lodged in poetry and plays from the pastoral tradition. Showing is at 10p on Friday July 29th.

Jul 30, 2016 - 24 Hour Play Festival

The 24 Hour Play Festival was BACK at Standard Toy Kraft for it’s 3rd iteration! I directed another absurd play about the colorful characters who work at an Upstate New York Renaisance Fair!

Jul, 2016 - Project Y’s WIT Festival: Sycorax: Cyber Queen of Qamara

On July 22 I participated in a reading of Sycorax: Cyber Queen of Qamara by Fengar Gael at Theatre Row as a part of Project Y’s Women in Theatre Festival. In Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the sorceress, Sycorax, was reported by Prospero to be deceased, but Sycorax is still alive, having waited five hundred years for the ideal technology to reveal the truth of her story to the widest possible audience: the World Wide Web of the Internet. While Big Brother was watching, Big Sister was waiting!

Jun, 2016 - HoUSe on Governor’s Island

I participated in this immersive theatrical exploration of what it means to make a place a home as part of Writing on it All’s 2016 season on Governor’s Island. The piece was curated by Leila Buck and invited the audience to enter an abandoned house on Governor’s Island – once a military barracks, banned by federal law from being inhabited since– in ways that evoked the process of entering the US. The house was filled with prompts and questions for you to respond to by making your mark – on walls, papers, and other materials – or choosing not to do so. Mari was part of the team acting as customs officers as each person entered the house.

Jun, 2016 - 6th Grade Play Festival at PPAS

This June, I directed the 6th graders in the Waterwell Drama Program at the Professional Performing Arts School in a festival of original pieces written by the students themselves! There were 7 original pieces in the festival, and I directed half of them. The students did a fantastic job of bringing their original and entertaining work to life.

Apr, 2016 - 24 Hour Play Festival at Standard ToyKraft

In the second iteration of Harry Beer’s 24 Hour Play Fest, I directed an original play about a Jewish summer camp in the Catskills that becomes the hotspot of a massive drug trade involving Columbian Cartel and undercover narcotics officers! The festival made for an entertaining night of fast paced theater. Stay tuned for details on round three coming soon!

Jan, 2016 - Mari joins Plaboratory

As part of the Institute for Collaboration and Play, the Plaboratory is comprised of a “committed, curiously engaged group of select artists who meet on a regular basis throughout the year to explore, discover and play together”. For more information check out IFCAP’s website here!

Oct, 2015 - Education Associate at Waterwell

After returning from North Carolina I became the Education Associate of the Waterwell Drama Program at the Professional Performing Arts School. The drama program for high schoolers and middle schoolers aims to create an environment that fosters Excellence, Engagement and Empathy and prepares students to become world-class leaders and collaborators in whatever field they choose to pursue.

Sep - Oct, 2015 - W;t at Triad Stage

I returned to Triad Stage, this time to the town of Winton-Salem, in the fall of 2015 to play the role of Nurse Susie Monahan in Margaret Edson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Drama about an English professor’s battle with stage 4 ovarian cancer. Check out a review here!

May - Jun, 2015 - World Premiere of Common Enemy at Triad Stage

In this world premiere production by Preston Lane, I played the role of Amira Halibi, a Syrian college student studying at  North Carolina college who gets caught up in an assistant professors investigation of academic fraud within the schools athletic program. The production was a hit in the town of Greensboro and received excellent reviews!

Apr, 2015 - Titus Andronicus

In this experimental production of one of Shakespeare’s less frequently produced tragedies, Mari played the role of Lavinia. This was the inaugural production of Golden Nugget Theatrical.

Apr, 2015 - Towards the Heart of the Forest at Take Ten Festival

In Eric Marlin’s original play that puts a spin on the classic Baba Yaga tales, I played a young child eager to bring destruction upon an old harmless woman living in the forest.

Mar, 2015 - The Little Black Fish

Directed by Mohammad Aghebati, this original adaptation and translation of the classic Iranian children’s story premiered as part of the Crescent Moon Projects Persian New Year celebration at Access Theater. I played a multitude of roles including the Mother Fish, Mother Frog, Old Lizard and Baby Fish! Stay tuned for more updates about this project as it moves forward into 2016!