“[Mari] Vial-Golden shines throughout, whether her character is becoming fluent in the Dari language, screaming at her father through Skype, or excited that her students are responding to “The Diary of Anne Frank.” She has a special spark that brings the play to another level.” - Asbury Park Press

“As the perplexed and troubled Geetee, Mari Vial-Golden is endearing in both her long reaching relationship with her father and newly developing connection with Nazrullah.” - Theater Scene

“…Mari Vial-Golden, rounding out the trio of altogether terrific performances…” - Talkin’ Broadway

“…introduces two gifted young talents. Mari Vial-Golden gives Geetee a natural radiance.” - Lighting and Sound

“Vial-Golden generates both palpable romantic chemistry with Ahmed … and heated intensity with Cuddy when Geetee discovers her father’s secret.” - Theatermania

“The three-person cast is ideal to portray the narrative and they deliver Dean’s finely crafted dialogue seamlessly.” - Broadway World


“Vial-Golden in particular is excellent, displaying a presence and emotional rawness that draws in and captivates the audience.” - Broadway World


“… and Mari Vial-Golden each double up their supporting roles with such skill they seem to be additional characters onstage.” - Aisle Seat Review

“Mari Vial-Golden is amusingly distracted as Whitney, Penelope’s seeming incorrigible successor, and primly businesslike as Rebecca, Otis’ wife.” - Marin Independent Journal

“… as well as Whitney, (talented Mari Vial-Golden), Penelope’s successor.” - Ronnie’s Awesome List

And Then There Were None

“Each performer completely commits to their role and convey the mood of tension and uneasiness with finesse… Mari Vial-Golden (Vera Claythorne) and Phil McGlaston stole the show with their scene.” - YES! Weekly

”All of Triad Stage’s strengths — acting, staging, design — are highlighted in this dark story from the undisputed maven of murder… It’s Christie — and Lane and company — at their most macabre best.” - Greensboro News & Record

“Each actor is worthy of recognition, but standouts include Mari Vial-Golden, playing Vera Claythorne… Both of these actors are undeniably talented, and transformed into their characters beautifully and transparently.” - The Carolinian

Pride and Prejudice

“This is one of the best ensemble casts in years at the theatre (which given the Hangar’s high standards is saying quite a lot), especially for comedy… Mari Vial-Golden leads as the formidably intelligent, slightly waspish, and gloriously forthright Lizzie.” - Ithaca.com


“As Getee, Mari Vial-Golden shines. Through a series of flashbacks, we see the young woman develop in confidence and maturity, as she grows in fluency in her birth language, in assurance that she is making a positive impact on her young students, and in love as she slowly falls for Naz.” - Beyond the Nest

Rochester Piece-Theatre Podcast Interview   :  Geva is home to another World Premiere, Heartland. On the Fielding Stage until April 1st, Justine speaks with Mari Vial-Golden about being 1/3 of the talented cast portraying a beautiful story of language, communication, family, home and love. Plus we get a chance to chat with Dawn Kellogg about the upcoming plays and more World Premiere's still to come to Geva.

Rochester Piece-Theatre Podcast Interview: Geva is home to another World Premiere, Heartland. On the Fielding Stage until April 1st, Justine speaks with Mari Vial-Golden about being 1/3 of the talented cast portraying a beautiful story of language, communication, family, home and love. Plus we get a chance to chat with Dawn Kellogg about the upcoming plays and more World Premiere’s still to come to Geva.

“Equally mesmerizing are Vial-Golden as a delightful, fast-talking, strong and determined woman dedicated to creating change… These two star-crossed lovers share a searing intensity that is hard to resist.” - Democrat & Chronicle


“I have never been so engrossed in such an intimate story of two compelling characters. With minimal lighting, sound, movement or scenery, the well-written script, interestingly paralleled storyline and captivating characters will engage you and make you laugh. And cry. And think… Director Brendan Ragan gave the actresses plenty of room to explore the depth of their characters and embody their roles with passion and believability… Ms. Vial-Golden was formidable as Samira and brought passion and determination to her character.” - Broadway World

Watch the promo video for Echoes at Urbanite Theatre!

"Even almost a week later, I can’t think of one thing I would change. In the whole of my life, including shows on Broadway, I’ve yet to be able to say this about a production… Other than a few personal props, these two talented actresses make you feel the grittiness of their realities and break your heart with the decisions that, by the play’s end, you realize they have no choice but to make. " - Creative Loafing

“Mari Vial-Golden plays Samira, also physically perfect for her role. She is equally vivid relating parallel horrors in more modern times. The level of acting, always strong at Urbanite, is especially strong in Echoes..” - Talkin’ Broadway

Suncoast View interview with the cast of Echoes at Urbanite Theatre!

“Mari Vial-Golden is breathtakingly-intense as Samira, guiding the audience right into an unfamiliar world in a way that a news story or even a documentary could never approach.” - The Bradenton Times

“Berg and Vial-Golden carry that weight with honesty and grace. In addition to Tillie and Samira, they bring a large cast of unseen characters to life using only voice characterization and body language. They also pepper their monologs with screenplay-like descriptions of their worlds. The effect is like watching a movie of the mind, cutting back and forth between two parallel stories. Their performances shine.” - Your Observer

“… Brendan Ragan… brings out strong and convincing performances from the two actresses. They speak with varied voices, sometimes excited, sometimes petrified, and make you feel what they’re going through… Vial-Golden displays more a youthful mischievous quality, at least at the start, in her hijab.” - Herald Tribune


“The talented Mari Vial-Golden shines as Susie Monahan, Vivian’s nurse. She provides the only source of warmth and kindness that Vivian finds in the hospital — tenderness that Vivian is surprised to learn that she both needs and craves as her illness progresses. Vial-Golden is genuine and natural in the role.” - Winston-Salem Journal

“There’s a touching scene in which Vivian Bearing shares a Popsicle with Susie, her unassuming nurse, who is played with a human touch by the well-casted Mari Vial-Golden. It’s an oasis away from the cold world of the cancer clinic.” - Triad City Beat

Common Enemy

“Mari Vial-Golden deserves high accolades for portraying the Syrian-born teaching assistant to Uy’s professor with a high degree of integrity and heart.” - Classical Voices NC

See COMMON ENEMY, June 7 - 28 at Triad Stage in Downtown Greensboro. Pictured: Kurt Uy and Ben Baker with Mari Vial-Golden. Video by Triad Stage.


“Mari Vial-Golden brings life to the refugees as a displaced Palestinian Kuwaiti. Edgar uses this character to tear into the American, a natural target as his passport reveals that his name is “Katz”; when the comparatively familiar hostage drama of the second act threatens to dull our attention, the philosophical battle between Draper and Vial-Golden bring the play back to life. (Giustini and Vial-Golden are excellent, even if they are non-Equity Middlebury students.)” - Steven Suskin, Huffpost.

“PTP/NYC’s production is seamless, with splendid acting – stand-outs were Tosca Giustini as… Gabriella Pecs, Nina Silver as Anna Jedlikova… and Mari Vial-Golden, playing Yasmin. All of these women flesh out their characters with their performances, making them as nuanced and complex as the script allows.” - StageBuddy.

The cast of  Pentecost  on opening night

“Kudos are due to Mari Vial-Golden for her utterly convincing performance as the stateless Palestinian Yasmin.” - Theatermania

“Mari Vial-Golden as Yasmin, a Palestinian Kuwaiti, is a frightening revolutionary radical type (bringing to mind 1960s American extremist groups like the SLA or the Weathermen) and manages to shift from being unlikeable to somewhat sympathetic.” - Theaterpizzazz

“Mari Vial-Golden as Yasmin, the mouthpiece of the renegades, held her own through her dominance and emotion throughout Act II.” - Theatre in the Now.